District 33
California Northern Interior Area
There are many ways to be of service that can fit your lifestyle and availabilty
The first link in the chain of information from the groups to the general service office (GSO)
See why they call this Maybe the most important job in AA

  1. Hotline Operator
    A sober member of A.A. with at least six (6) months of continuous sobriety who commits to be home at a specific time on a specific day to answer the telephone for Alcoholics Anonymous.
  2. Hospitals & Institutions
    H & I service is for members with a minimum of  2 years continuous sobriety, takes the message to individuals in restricted facilities, is typically one day pr. month. A rewarding opportunity to carry the message to those who are confined and cannot attend regular meetings
  3. PI/CPC
    Public Information and Cooperation with the professional community Distributing information to healthcare providers and public exposure/advertisement.
  4. Literature
    Maintain a stock of Conference approved literature for meetings in District 33, including books, pamphlets, and catalogues. Be familiar with the general contents of all literature in order provide information i inquirers
  5. Grapevine
    The Grapevine publishes a multitude of stories and history about AA. We have a chairperson specifically for keeping us in the loop on the latest grapevine activity.
  6. Treasurer
    The District treasurer is a 5 year Sobriety requirement and manages the funds received and spent by the district. One of our most trusted servants we rely on to practice our 7th Tradition.