District 33
California Northern Interior Area
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2018 Pre Conference Assembly Information

District 33 is honored and priveldged to host this CNIA 07 Event

The venue is located on hwy 108 toward Sonora Pass and Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. The elevation is 5000 ft.

Recent updates to the extended weather forecast have shown an increase in temeperatures with highs in the low 60s and lows in the low 40s for the weekend.

Some snow showers are possible this week so the presence of some snow might be visible on the ground but at this point is looks like the possibility of any hazardous conditions is at a minimum.

Regardless it is a good idea to prepare the best you can for comfort and safety at this higher elevation.

Some suggestions.
     - base layers (multiple layers is better than a shirt and a heavy coat)
     - hand warmer packs
     - knit hat/ear muffs
     - gloves
     - lined boots/shoes with rugged soles

In the mountains we are inclined to expect the unexpected! 
some other things you might consider
     - chains for your vehicle (necessity is extremely unlikely with recent forecasts)
     - emergency roadside kit
     - flashlight/headlamp

The location.
Long Barn Lodge
25957 Long Barn Road
Long Barn CA 95335
209 586-3533

call the lodge

New Hotel Rooms Discounts Available
at Aladdin Inn 1426 Mono way Sonora CA
CNIA 07 roomrate 10% discount $89/night

call the Alladin